Last week the medical division of Olympus America published its study utilizing Healthmark's ChannelCheck™ 3-in-1 test strip for residual organic soils. In short, what Olympus determined is that the ChannelCheck™ is an appropriate and effective tool for determining if a flexible scope has been properly cleaned after reprocessing. The ChannelCheck™ tests simultaneously for protein, blood and carbohydrates, soils likely to remain in a flexible scope after clinical use. In their study, Olympus tested 79 clinically used scopes after bedside cleaning and again after thorough cleaning. Results showed that organic soil remained in the scope after bedside cleaning. After proper cleaning, the study determined that scopes were free of detectable organic soils, providing valuable feedback to the user about the efficacy of their cleaning process. For an online copy of the Olympus study visit:  


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