For just about all of North America, this has been a slow arriving Spring. No matter what latitude you reside at, temperatures have been below normal. This is not just perception. This is statistically the second coldest start to Spring on record for the United States. Making matters less pleasant, the cold temperatures have been accompanied by lot's of rain - in some instances at flood levels. I know some people like cool, wet weather. I am not one of them. Give me 70's and sunshine. When I think of conditions like that, I think of San Diego. If you are a sterile processing professional, then you may be in San Diego attending the annual IAHCSMM meeting. In Sterile Processing, as well as in Surgery, Endoscopy, and elsewhere in a healthcare facility, temperature plays a critical role in the delivery of quality care. Amongst critical areas where temperature plays a role is in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical devices. The ambient temperature is important to the comfort of healthcare worker and patient alike. Medications, sterile packages, warming blankets, etc. need to be stored in the proper temperature range. Managing temperatures in the various settings and applications is a bit like orchestrating a symphony. When the different instruments and settings are at the range right for them, the result is the beautiful music of a well run department. So let me introduce the newest member of our Crazy4Clean superheros - Maestra Tempa. In this game, Maestra will help you orchestrate the right temperature in many of the critical situations in your department. Correctly answer the test at the end of the game and you will earn a free CEU. Enjoy and good luck!


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