What does the pencil sharpener, dishwasher and the iPhone have in common? The answer is that they were all created to make tasks easier to perform. Innovative inventions like these are inspired by finding a way to do something faster, better and more efficient. When I look into a Sterile Processing Department, there are different tools that are constantly being created to make tasks easier. One product that immediately comes to mind is the EasyStringerâ„¢ . This innovative instrument management tool is the invention of a career Sterile Processing Professional. The solid Plexiglas base is slotted to accept a standard instrument stringer. To use, place the stringer in the base and string one instrument upon another - stacking them up on the base. Once loaded, close off the stringer, lift it out of the base and place in use. The EasyStringerâ„¢ will help your staff be more efficient by simplifying the process of stringing instruments!


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