Some say the term "knowing the ropes" is about the ropes of the various curtains found in a theater, but, it really dates back to the Royal Navy. Finding somebody who knew the complex network of rigs and ropes was difficult. It was a lot to be learned, so to find one who knew the ropes (or to teach one) was an accomplishment. In the healthcare field, finding staff that "knows the ropes" on any subject is always good. Staff usually attends meetings, seminars or receives training of some sort in order to get to "know the ropes" on various subjects or products and hopefully they can earn what are called CEU's (Continuing Education Units). Most of the time, a cost is associated with earning CEU's. Healthmark has developed a fun way to earn some free CEU's when it comes to cleaning verification. We have developed an educational gaming web site called where you can earn 1. 0 CEU that deals with cleaning verification of your automatic washer. Presently the CEU's are from CBSPD and IAHCSMM for CSSD staff, but anybody can log on and give it a try. It's a fun way to play, learn and earn CEU's! As Always "Keep it Clean"!


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