This weekend, my wife and I visited the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD for the first time. It is an impressive campus located in a beautiful area. During our tour, one theme was repeated over and over again, the commitment of the Academy to produce leaders. The young people attending the academy shared that often as a focus of their studies and personal development. Sunday morning, we attended Mass at the beautiful St. Mary's Church in Annapolis. Coincidentally, it was "Good Shepherd Sunday" and the focus was again on one of leadership - how each, in our own way need to be leaders. Since I had traveled to Annapolis for the AAMI Sterilization Standards Committee, the theme of leadership seems quite an appropriate one. Participants are many of the leaders in our industry. But whether at AAMI, or not, this truth applies to us all - we are all called upon to be leaders in our own way. It is the example that we set in the way we do our jobs, our commitment and actions to producing safe, ready to use medical devices for use on the next patient; our day in and day out activities that help to deliver that result and help inspire those we work with to do the same. Everyday, in our own way, we have the opportunity to be leaders and help to improve the delivery of care to patients. Lead on!


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