This was a big weekend if you're a sports fan in Detroit. The Lions pulled one out in overtime and Tigers went up 2-0 in the American League series over the Yankees. One of my friends, Jason, decided to have some friends over to watch the Tigers on Saturday. His basement is fully equipped for sports entertaining. He has the dart boards, pool table and nice TV's. So while watching the game, we decided to play a game of darts. The one thing you have to know is that Jason and I have been friends since playing sports together in high school. We're both pretty competitive so even a simple game of darts can quickly turn intense. One thing I noticed about his darts was that he needed them replaced. The tips have become damaged from all of the use. They've probably been dropped, stepped on and mishandled making them very difficult to use. Osteotome tips are similar in the way that if they aren't transported or processed correctly they can be damaged to the point of not being useable. So remember to transport them carefully in an Osteotome Rack and never stack them on top of each other when washing them.


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