Recording daily life activities has become increasingly popular in today's society. Because of texting, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, anyone can see what you're doing, eating or the tricks you just taught your dog. Now days, as long as you have your camera phone or video recorder, anything can be documented. Of course, it wasn't long ago that things were different. I remember buying my first digital camera about 8 years ago. It had 8 mega pixels, which was decent quality for that time. I mostly only took it with me when going on vacation or attending special events. Now, it just collects dust since most phones come with better picture quality and even have HD video recording capabilities. Equipment in healthcare fields have changed drastically as well. Microscopes, for example, are not only better quality, but they now have the capability of recording photos and video. Using improved image quality and recording features will enhance your ability in the CSSD to closely inspect reprocessed surgical instruments. Having the ability to capture photos and video will also allow you to document the inspection. Using USB Microscopes in the CSSD is an effective and efficient way to ensure quality control during visual inspection of reprocessed instruments.


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