Last week, my friend Steve and I were doing some much needed grocery shopping for a coworker's engagement party. We had spent nearly two hours there and had accumulated quite a variety of delicious food and drinks. One item remained on our list, the white vanilla cake (the bride-to-be's favorite). Steve and I left the cart just for a moment to head to the bakery. The baker was unprepared for our tall order, so our excursion took longer than expected.  Upon our return to the isle, we were disappointed to discover that our cart was no longer there. We were baffled as we did not understand who would take another patron's shopping cart. It occurred to Steve that had the cart been properly labeled with our information, we surely would not have found ourselves in this predicament. We frantically searched for our cart for nearly an hour before we found that another shopper had accidentally taken it. Although this situation did not completely ruin the afternoon, it was an easily avoidable waste of our time and energy. Despite their obvious differences, unlabeled shopping carts share a few striking similarities with unlabeled hospital carts and trolleys. Many undesirable outcomes can arise from unlabeled carts, ranging from a simple instrument mix-up to the loss of patients' lives. Thankfully, Healthmark has a solution to this potentially damaging problem. We are delighted to introduce our new Magnetic Label Holders. These simple yet effective polypropylene labels holders are an effective and easy way to minimize cart and trolley confusion. The strong magnetic seal allows each label holder to be securely fastened to a variety of hospital items. The Magnetic Label Holders can be used to display pertinent information with regards to the content of any cart; whether it is contents, destination, or hazard information. The Magnetic Label Holders are available in three convenient sizes, are capable of being washed with warm water and soft soap, and are sure to meet the needs of any hospital. And in my opinion, great for shoppers too!


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