Hello, this is Kaumudi and I have recently joined Healthmark's team as a Business Development Microbiologist. It is an exciting time to be working with Healthmark, especially with its new, innovative and vast array of products in the field of cleaning verification and its rapid pace of growth. I consider it to be an amazing opportunity to get to work closely with such a dynamic group of talented and energetic people. I hope to put my best foot forward in this challenging position to broaden Healthmark's horizon with its cutting edge line of products and provide technical microbiological expertise. Let me give you a glimpse of my work: Firstly, I act as a technical liaison and assist customers with protocol development using Healthmark's marketed cleaning verification products. I am also involved in gathering information, designing studies and implementing laboratory tests required for product development and marketing. My role includes producing written educational, technical and promotional documents as well as developing supporting marketing material. Furthermore, I am involved in researching the newest trends and hot topics in validation testing and giving recommendations on new product opportunities. Thank you for reading this. I can be reached at 586-774-7600 Extn: 6682 or by email at kaumudi@healthmark.info.


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