You might notice something different about this week's newsletter - it no longer carries the signage of Alex Kirk at the bottom. This is because we are happy to report that Alex career as a web designer and developer has taken a giant step forward. Well we are happy for Alex, but not for Healthmark - as Alex has joined a web design firm. As I told Alex, he should be proud of his progress, as he worked very hard for it and not to feel sorry for us - we can handle that part. When we launched this newsletter over 2 years ago, it was made possible by Alex's abilities as web developer with the requisite tools for such an undertaking. For 118 issues, we never missed a week and that was due in large measure to Alex's persistence and willingness to track one of us down to get our article to him! Alex has done much in the form of digital media for Healthmark in his time with us, including designing and redesigning web sites, creating a whole library of photos and videos featuring our products, and many other accomplishments too numerous to list. No accomplishment was greater than the development and introduction of our free CEU games. It was Alex's idea to have online games that our customers could play, learn and earn. Since the introduction of the TOSIman game, many healthcare professionals have earned valued CEU's from IAHCSMM and CBSPD. As his last task for Healthmark as an employee, Alex finished the latest CEU game: Wiki's Pouching Paradise! ( While Alex is moving on, we hope to be able to tap his talents in the future. So we will not say good-bye to Alex, but au revoir!


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