Open Wide : Going to get your teeth cleaned for many of us is not a pleasant visit, but it is one of those necessary evils to enjoy a healthy life. Last week I had an appointment with my dentist. Before my mind began to wander, the last thing he said to me was, "Steve open wide, I have to get back there and do some cleaning..." "Open wide" is so important for us in our field when it comes to cleaning. If you read any instrument manufacturer's IFU, you will find this type of very similar statement, "instruments should be in an open position for maximum cleaning." One way to do this is to use a wide or adjustable stringer to expose the instruments to the cleaning process. That is fine for the majority of ringed handled instruments. But what about those punches, rongeurs and bone forceps? Well there now are methods available for keeping these instruments open during cleaning. Check out the information below for some of these. In today's world, at least when it concerns cleaning instruments, it is important to be open wide to the possibilities. Strange how your mind works when you're in a dentist chair.


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