I know you all are wondering what planting asparagus and the medical field have in common. As many of you know, I'm part of a community garden (past story) and we decided to grow asparagus. To my surprise, it's not like planting tomato's that you reap the fruit the same season. Asparagus needs at least one year (maybe two years) to get settled in before it can be harvested. So we have at least one growing season before we can harvest our first batch of asparagus. This past week the FDA held a meeting concerning the reprocessing of medical devices. The outcome of this meeting like planting asparagus is going to take some time. The seeds have been planted concerning the issues surrounding medical device reprocessing within the medical facility, now we must watch and see what happens. As with growing the asparagus, we have to tend to the garden and make sure it grows healthy. We have to do the same with the meeting that just took place. We must participate and help the process so the outcome gets us to a better practice or "The Best Practice" and better patient care. Congratulations to all of those who attended and participated, for those of us who could not attend, we are watching and are willing to help.


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