In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I began thinking about the devastation that resulted from such a terrifying event for so many Americans. The affects on the east coast finds families homeless, companies scrambling to initiate contingencies for doing business, cities and towns seeking ways to restore childhood landmarks, and governments distributing aid in hard hit regions. Although individuals were alerted of the impeding conditions associated with the extreme storm heading their way, one can never quite be prepared for the impact that a few short hours can have on your life. In the quickest of moments lives are forever changed. With that, evacuation, and emergency preparedness strategies prove beneficial as seen by the quick response by local hospitals and rescue teams. Being prepared means to have a plan or vision ready in the time of despair or need; we are proud of our colleagues in healthcare as they come to the rescue of others. Healthcare providers continue to be prepared with the most innovative instruments and cleaning methods. This ever changing and unpredictable world keeps us in step offering strong product lines to help ensure healthcare facilities are READY to assist no matter what the conditions may be. A new member of the Healthmark team.


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