In the past, hospitals have been slow to adopt quality management systems for medical device reprocessing, but with the issuance of AAMI ST90, facilities now have clear guidance on how to implement and maintain an effective QMS in sterile processing and endoscopy settings. Be sure to register for the upcoming webinar with Mary Ellen Fortenberry, Protect Patients, Improve Outcomes: Tips for Integrating Quality Management Systems in the Hospital Setting, taking place May 13th. This presentation will review the current recommendations related to implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) in processing departments. We will review resources and information needed for effective operation and monitoring of the QMS, and discuss potential poor outcomes when these systems are not instituted or maintained. Learning objectives: Discuss the history of quality management systems Describe a process for identifying standards (ST90) Define general objectives of a quality management system (QMS) and documentation Identify resources and information for effective operation and monitoring Discuss the cost of poor-quality outcomes


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