It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of our colleague and friend, Dr. Antonello Sacco, on July 14, 2014. Antonello founded the Italian company ID & Co., which manufactures and distributes medical products for Central Sterilization and the OR throughout Italy. Antonello was truly one of the "good guys" in our industry, and his passion, kindness, and business ethic will be missed greatly. Antonello was born in Milan June 29, 1956. As an only child Antonello was especially close to his father, and as a child would join him on his business trips around Italy. He graduated from "Istituto Zaccaria", a Catholic scientific high school, with the maximum possible score, and was accepted into the best Economic University in Italy, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. He completed his degree ahead of time with yet another perfect score. After graduation he began working with his father, who represented several major medical device companies throughout Italy. From his father he learned some of the traits for which he would be remembered later: how to work with others with respect, passion, and humanity - principles not easy to be found in today's business environment. In 1983, Antonello married his wife and in 1987 their daughter Gaia was born. Around that time he realized he wanted to do something different. He had always been very proactive, independent and full of energy, so he decided he would put this all to use by creating a new company. Thus was born ID & CO. The first years were tough but Antonello persevered, and thanks to his capability and determination, to the collaboration of his employees, and to the strengths of his financial partner, ID & CO has grown steadily over the past 25 years. Antonello's desire was to see his daughters (the second born in 1991), working in his company, but according to Gaia he never forced the issue - he always put his family's happiness first. Now the company is in Gaia's more than capable hands, and she plans to follow his model for ethical business into the future. Antonello is remembered as a wise person, a true friend, a sweet husband, an attentive father, and a fair boss. Throughout his life he balanced his strengths, his passions, his dreams, his natural entrepreneurship, his sweetness, and his joy of life.


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