For the last four years, it has been my pleasure to attend what has become my favorite event of the year: the SEVY Award breakfast at Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. To celebrate Sterile Processing Week, Christ Hospital recognizes an individual who best represents the crucial work being done in SPD. Started by SPD manager, Yves Theodule, SEVY stands for Service, Excellence, Value and You (‘Yves’ backwards) – all qualities used to select an annual winner. As part of an ongoing partnership with Christ Hospital SPD, that includes co-sponsoring a College for Clean event for Advocate/Aurora leadership this November 8, Healthmark was once again privileged to be one of only three vendors invited to this celebration of SPD excellence. This year’s event was held on Thursday, October 17. Following a buffet breakfast that was enjoyed by 30 plus SPD staff, as well representatives from hospital Administration, Surgery, Finance and Human Resources, the ceremony began. Sheree Coley, Sterile Processing Educator, started things off by complimenting everyone on another year of outstanding work before introducing Yves Theodule, SPD Manager. Yves spoke of the often unheralded, yet key role SPD plays in keeping patients safe. Next, Dr. William Bayliss, Director of Medical Operations, Perioperative Services and Chief Medical Officer, came forward to praise the work of SPD as being the “foundation of Surgical Services” and how they “inspire” OR staff with their outstanding work on a daily basis. Diane Cooper, Director of Outpatient Surgical Services and Endoscopy Surgery Administration echoed the remaining speakers by expressing her appreciation for the SPD staff’s dedication to “keeping patients safe” – all with a very positive, cooperative attitude. Finally, the moment came to address the question everyone was waiting to have answered: Who would be named the latest SEVY Award winner? From the reaction of the crowd, it seemed to be no surprise when Yves announced that Daniel Dumont was the 2019 SEVY Award winner. Enthusiastic applause filled the room as Daniel strode to the front of the room to accept his plaque – as well as gift basket and 65” flat screen television. Daniel accepted his award by pointing out how the patient is key to all that SPD does – and how he works diligently to keep the trust of his co-workers and more importantly, the patients who rely on the team every day. Later, Daniel told me how he took pride in being very precise – “there is no room for error when it comes to patient safety.'' He pointed out how recently a friend, as well as his own mother had undergone surgical procedures and how they depended on the professionalism (and “precision”) of the SPD to keep them safe. Everyone that comes to Christ hospital is someone’s friend, mother, etc. and their safety is dependent on the work done in SPD. And Daniel takes great pride in providing the absolute “precision” that keeps loved ones safe every day. The dedication to patient safety by Daniel Dumont and the entire SPD staff on display at the annual SEVY Award at Christ Hospital is what makes this event so special. That dedication can often be taken for granted as they perform their daily tasks. And to be invited to represent Healthmark at this very uplifting celebration of outstanding service makes the SEVY Award my favorite event of the year.


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