Having the resources to send staff to meetings is always an issue. For those that can go it is important to share the information with others when you come back from any meeting. I just got back from attending the New Jersey CS meeting in Atlantic City (over 300 people attended) and heard something I wanted to share with all of you about how one department is sharing information. One person who was attending the meeting was telling me that when they come back from any meeting they have to give a report to the staff that was not able to attend on what they learned. This way information is passed on. They also share with their fellow staff members new products that they think will help them in their quest for improving their work. They also stated money for meetings is "tight" and only two people were able to attend and their manger did not come so the second person could attend. The Central Processing Department is such a dynamic area and attending meetings is so important this example again shows me how creative CPD staff can be. I hope that next time any of us attend a meeting we come back and share what we learned with others who could not attend. Remember Knowledge is power but sharing that knowledge with others is a lot more powerful.


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