The joke here in Michigan is that we have two seasons, Winter and Road Construction. It would be funny if it weren't so true. As soon as the snow stops flying (and that could be as late as May!), the construction barrels come out and the signs go up. After a typical Winter, there is usually much to do to repair the roads. The freeze and thaw pattern along with the road salt are brutal on the pavement. Potholes are everywhere. Of course, other maintenance is required, such as replacing sewer lines and drainage. My own commute has been affected by Road Construction season. For over a month, signs have directed traffic down to one lane each way as they work on Ryan Road. It is so bad, I have been taking another route home. Of course, that is another consequence of construction. Even the roads not under construction are impacted, as commuters look for an alternative. My ride into work is seeing the signs of that. All of a sudden I have extra fellow travelers on Schoenherr Road on my way into work. I am looking forward to the schools being out. Traffic volume always drops during the Summer and that should provide some relief. The Signs of the Season are arrows, and detours and alternate routes. Not saying I am looking forward to the signs of snow - but at least it provides relief from the road construction signs!


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