Around this time of year, I like to tell myself that Spring is just around the corner. Spring training started for baseball, so the sunny warm weather must be just around the corner, right? Well, maybe we aren't quite there yet, but it's a nice thing to think about. Pretty soon it will be time for spring cleaning and going through your closet and determining what winter clothes you will store away for the summer, which ones to give away to Goodwill and which you will hold on to for no particular reason. I'm sure everyone has at least one item in their wardrobe that they haven't worn in quite some time, but hold on to because of the possibility they might wear it again. I have a few shirts like this that I run into every year when I'm bagging up clothes for the Purple Heart and every year they remain in my closet unworn. Wouldn't it be interesting if we labeled our clothes from the last time they were worn, washed and stored away in the closet? Then, if they were in there for an extended amount of time, we would know if some items should be washed again or maybe just let go and bagged up for the Salvation Army. Luckily, if you reprocess endoscopes you are able to do this with your closet. The first step in managing scope storage is to know when they were reprocessed. Self-looping labels from our HangTimeKitTM are imprinted with the 12 months and numbers 1-31 to represent the amount of days in a month. These labels are a great way to keep records of the last date your endoscopes were reprocessed. Other than tracking, the HangTimeKitTM also includes a simple and rapid test to check for gram-negative bacteria inside the scope after extended storage. For more information click on the coupon below.


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