We are well into the cold winter months, and that always means one thing: it's flu season. The flu outbreak has affected every state this winter and it's always a good idea to plan on how to stay healthy. Some people have already prepared themselves by getting their annual flu shots. Others are stocking up on multivitamins, and everyone should be sure to constantly wash their hands. What are some other ways to stay safe? The answer is right in your hands...your phone! Just imagine, the one item you handle and talk on the most is one of the most germ-ridden items that you encounter everyday. According to the New York Daily News, studies have suggested that smartphones and tablets carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. Another study published in AJIC reported that mobile phones of patients, companions and visitors can carry multidrug-resistant hospital pathogens. It is important to use dry, non-linting wipes to clean these devices. They often can not be cleaned with pre-moistened alcohol wipes due to the damage they may cause to the screens. Also, using disposable covers to prevent the entry or release of air and moisture will help keep your devices safe from particles such as dust and sand, as well as water. Make sure you and your staff are taking every precaution to keep it clean and healthy this winter.


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