Compression socks are great when you are on your feet all day. I have met many nurses, OR and SPD professionals that have all mentioned that they wear them to minimize pain and discomfort while working their shifts. While these socks offer great support, they sometimes lacked style and are limited in the options and colors they are available in. The Swanky Athletic Socks were introduced to energize your tired legs with fashion that deliver a controlled pressure from ankle to calf for better blood flow throughout the lower leg. Designed to enhance circulation, the Swanky Athletic Socks provide support, help relieve foot and leg fatigue, as well as reduce swelling and recovery time for the active individual. Ideal for everyday wear, the socks are made with built-in arch support, a non-restrictive top, and help reduce muscle strain. If you are constantly on your feet and don't want to sacrifice style for comfort then Swanky Athletic Socks are what you have been waiting for.


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