It's strange how the mind works. You would think that when you're on your honeymoon that work would be the last thing on your mind. Well, I recently got married (May 25,2013) and my wife, Maryjo and I went to Cancun, Mexico for our Honeymoon. Being a history buff, I wanted to see the ruins of Chichen Itza. While on the tour, our guide who was Mayan, talked about how advanced this civilization was, especially with its number system and its alphabet. As he explained the various symbols, I began to think about the Rosetta Stone and the Egyptians, which brought to mind the changing language staff are now having to learn in hospitals. That changing language includes learning symbols. Every package or box now has some type of symbol, it's like an evolution of change showing we are part of a world market. Products are shipped and made everywhere so a universal language has to be used and shared. We are a society that has been gradually introduced to this new language. Think of the blue "H" sign that stands for hospital, or the "Red Cross", or even our bathroom signs. They are universal. Universal language is now on all of our medical packaging. The circle with a 2 and a line through it for single use, or the thermometer on the box letting you know you have some special temperatures. Just open up an IFU and somewhere you will find a description of each symbol used. I have always wanted to learn a new language when I'm traveling. I guess in a way I have; it is called "symbology of the world." Remember, symbols convey an idea that we all should understand no matter what part of the world we are from.


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