Opening day of baseball is one of my favorite times of the year. Its a sign of warmer weather to come as we change to a new season. I've been a baseball fan my entire life and enjoy everything about it...well, I guess I should say almost everything. It seems like ever since major league baseball enhanced their drug testing program, there's been a steroid scandal every year. The baseball fan in me doesn't want to believe that all these players are breaking the rules, but unfortunately the evidence suggests otherwise. It could be fairly obvious at times to spot a player that may have been using steroids, because of the muscle mass and strength gain over a relatively short period of time. Other times its not so obvious, therefore its necessary for the MLB to have testing in place in order to find evidence of substances that should not be in a player's body. Without testing, you wouldn't be able to tell that the banned substance is there at all. Its like stains on surgical instruments, they come in all sizes, shapes and intensity. Sometimes a stain can appear quite benign, or not be easily detected by the human eye. To go beyond what you can see and test the cleanliness of instruments you need a HemoCheck™ blood detection kit. Finding a stain on an instrument that has gone through reprocessing is never good. If the stain is blood, the implications are even more serious. Take the guess work out of evaluating the cleanliness of instruments with the HemoCheck™ blood residue test kit. The HemoCheck™ is an all-in-one test, provides a result in 30 seconds, is simple to interpret and indicates blood residue down to 0.1μg. Significant traces of blood indicate an inadequately reprocessed instrument and is a rich source for cross contamination.


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