If I asked you to take a look around and describe what you see, you would probably tell me about the trees, buildings nearby or even the shapes of the cloud formations. When you take a look at the night sky, it is filled with bright stars, the moon and possibly even a planet. It's truly amazing that we can see objects that are literally millions of miles away when you think about it. What is also amazing is that there are all types of things right in front of our faces that can't be seen. Germs and bacteria are all right in front of us and invisible to the naked eye. Have you ever cleaned a surgical instrument and witnessed a stain that appeared quite benign, or not easily detected by the human eye? Stains can come in different shapes, sizes and intensity. In order to go beyond what you can see, you will need to test the cleanliness of instruments with the HemoCheck™ blood detection kit. Finding a stain on an instrument that has gone through reprocessing is never good. If the stain is blood, the implications are even more serious. Take the guess work out of evaluating the cleanliness of instruments with the HemoCheck™ blood residue test kit. The HemoCheck™ is an all-in-one test, provides a result in 30 seconds, is simple to interpret and indicates blood residue down to 0.1μg. Significant traces of blood indicate an inadequately reprocessed instrument and is a rich source for cross contamination. Using cleaning verification products will help identify potentially hidden dangers.


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