This past weekend I was reminded once again the value of friendship. As one gets older it is easier to take friends for granted. When you are a child, friends are so very important. Making friends, having friends, playing with friends. For many, the friendships made during their college years are the strongest and deepest of their life time. In part this must have to do with the fact that you live in close proximity to your friends 24/7. Once out of college, making friends for most is not as easy. Once married with a family, friends remain important, but they take a backseat to the more important and pressing relationships of family life. But once in awhile, at conferences, trade shows and other events, one does spend 24 or more hours with friends, and it can be reminiscent of college days. Friends are the people who often surprise with their generosity and their time. Good friends will tell you what you want to hear, but also what you don't want to hear. Friends tell you what you need to hear. They will share insight and wisdom with you and bring out the same in you - perhaps wisdom you did not know you had. And they always know how to make you laugh and share the laugh with you. So thanks to our friends!


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