It was a beautiful day outside this past Easter Sunday. It was great to be outside with my family, watching all the kids eagerly hunt for their Easter eggs. It brought back many memories when my sister, cousins and I would go on a Easter egg hunts at our grandmother's house when we were growing up. I remember that our parents didn't use the plastic eggs back then. They would always hide hard boiled dyed eggs. One year, the weather was so bad outside that we had our Easter egg hunt inside my Grandmother's basement. Our parents must have hidden the eggs well that particular year. My cousin Nathan recalled the story on Sunday when he found one of the eggs from that Easter at Grandma's house when we were back over her house during Christmas later that year. I believe they were trying to find the source of the funny smell in the basement (this may have been why people started using plastic eggs). I think in the years after, our parents would count how many eggs of each color were hid and wrote out a list to check off. That way they were able to account for all the eggs after the hunt was over. While Easter egg hunts are entertaining, its not as fun to hunt down surgical instruments after sterilization. That's why the Count Sheet Holder is the first of its kind product designed to hold instrument count sheets on the outside of wrapped trays. Simply fold the count sheet over to fit inside medical grade paper pouch and adhere to the side of your wrapped package. The Count Sheet Holder was created to be compliant with AORN guidelines.


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