This time of year can get very hectic with all of the shopping for the holiday season. While you are out shopping for friends and family, remember those who might be in need of your time and generosity. There are many wonderful volunteering opportunities that make big impact on others. Here is a list of some of my favorite charities: Adopt a Family: Make a family's Christmas special in your community by providing food, clothes and/or toys that don't have the means this year to do so. Salvation Army: Each year, you will see the Salvation Army out fundraising during the holiday season. This is a great organization to donate money, clothes or volunteer with. Their fundraising efforts go towards helping the homeless, elderly and others that need support. Volunteer at a Shelter for the Homeless: Shelters will get busier as the weather gets colder. They can always use volunteers to serve food, wash dishes, distribute clothes and other duties. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter: We can't forget about our furry friends that are also outside in the cold. Find an animal shelter in your area to see how you can help out or perhaps you may want to adopt a new member of the family to bring home for the holidays. There are many great charities to volunteer with and donate to. It's a great feeling to do something for others that truly need the help. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!


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