The holiday season is now upon us. Many of you probably have already began shopping for the holidays on Black Friday. I must admit, I have never participated in the craziness of the big shopping day after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if there is a deal out there that can entice me to wake up early and wait in line at 5am. For those of you who were brave enough to venture out, I hope you got everything you were shopping for. During this holiday season you shouldn't forget about yourself. We all know that the greatest gift you can give yourself (with the exception of a winning lottery ticket) is the gift of knowledge. In the healthcare industry, there is an abundance of useful information all around us to be found in industry magazines, newsletters or even e-newsletters. I've read many articles that have informed me about different healthcare department functions, processes, procedures and products that I would have never known even existed. These reading materials are also a great way to keep up with cutting edge technology. I would urge everyone to take a moment from time to time to pick up a magazine and sign up for an educational newsletter that will keep you informed in this constantly changing industry.


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