As I write this, I am winging my way home from Sydney, Australia. I was down there for an ISO committee meeting on washers and other meetings. My trip was about business, but I want to get back there as a tourist someday soon. First off, Sydney is a great city. The iconic Opera House is a captivating site and in combination with the Sydney Harbour Bridge, gives the city its unique skyline. Sydney is a city on the water, and the water gives the town and environs its character. With all the peninsula, beaches, bridges and fast ferry rides, the area reminds me of the Bay area of northern California. The climate of Sydney is pretty close to perfect and reminds me of another California city, San Diego. It is sunny 300 days a year. In Summer, the temperature typically is in the high 70's to 80's (or low to high 20's if your talking the weather with the locals). They do get some hotter days, but not that many. In the winter, it usually is in the 50's - 60's. As my cab driver proudly told me, it never snows in Sydney. And, of course, it is Summer down there right now. As we in the northern hemisphere are bundling up in thicker and thicker clothing as winter descends upon us, Sydney and the rest of southern hemisphere are just coming in to Summer. Oh how lucky they are! I really enjoyed my short stay in Sydney. The people are friendly and upbeat. They have a beautiful city, which they are rightly proud of and happy to share with visitors. Yup, want to go back as a tourist some day!  


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