I would like to start with a big "Thank you!" to all who have participated in the educational games at Crazy4Clean.com and for all of the kind and enthusiastic messages you have sent with your quiz submissions. Between the various tasks of every work day, I read and grade every quiz submission from the Crazy4Clean games and I always find myself looking forward to reading the feedback in the messages. It is a great pleasure to see how many people really enjoy and get something out of what we have worked so hard to create. In fact, nearly 1000 CEU certificates have been awarded to participants across the country since the kickoff of the new website in late 2010! The Crazy4Clean project has been a fun learning experience for many, including myself. With "The Adventures of TOSIman" being my first attempt at making a Flash-based game, or any animated game for that matter, I learned not only about game development, but the cleaning process as well. The idea was to take our current in-services and turn them into fun and interactive experiences available 24/7 to a broader audience - anyone with a computer and internet connection. To do this, I too had to gain an understanding of the information being taught, about the cleaning processes, the cleaning verification products, and the regulations and recommendations of organizations such as AAMI, AORN and the Joint Commission. While this was quite a challenge for me, considering I have no background in the field of sterile processing, I was lucky to have guidance from Healthmark Vice President Ralph Basile and Director of Education Stephen Kovach. Together we were able to form coherent representations, in the form of video game "levels", of the various steps along the cleaning processes.   The internet is truly an amazingly valuable resource for research and education. It has and continues to play a vital role in my education as a web designer and developer and without it I would not be able to do what I do, including creating the Crazy4Clean games. With this in mind, I see no reason why it can't play the same role for individuals in industries aside from the computer-related, and I see the healthcare industry as a prime candidate. It is with your participation that this idea has come to life and your requests for more free, fun and online educational opportunities have not gone unnoticed. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce the release of the latest development in the Crazy4Clean family, "The Saga of SONIgal". Join SONIgal through the saga of sonic cleaning! Learn about the sonic cleaning process, how it works and how to measure its effectiveness. Upon completion of the game and quiz, those who pass will receive 1.0 CEU supported by IAHCSMM and CBSPD.


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