I think I have shared on these pages before that I am a runner. Not a marathoner. Just one of those middle aged guys you see jogging slowly through the neighborhood. I am very much a fair weather runner. You will not see me out there when the weather turns cold or wet. As a result, during the colder months (which in Michigan, is most of them) my exercise activities are indoors riding a stationary bike. Once it warms up enough, I head back outside for jogging activities. I usually start out with a modest 2.6 mile run and as the Summer progresses, up my distance to my full route of 4.4 miles. Not only am I not a fan of running when it is cold and wet, I am not a fan of running in the dark. So, even though we have had a very pleasant Autumn, as the days have gotten shorter, so, consequently has my route. In other words, my jogging is governed by time and temperature. Time and temperature are key parameters in reprocessing of medical devices, as well. In a sonic tank, in a manual bath, or in a disinfectant soak, to highlight a few, exposure time and solution temperature are key to success. Monitoring the correct temperature was our motivation for introducing the Healthmark WaterMark ™ and the TempWiFi-TP™. In their own way, both products report the real time temperature of a cleaning/disinfection solution. What's missing? The time. Well Healthmark is now offering a timer to use in conjunction with these products. The simple to set timer counts down the time left for exposure and then alarms when that time has elapsed. It comes with a magnetic back and a little pop-out stand. Depending on your application, one of these may make the most sense for displaying the timer. Time and temperature: two of the guide rails of life.


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