We all know the expression - time flies when you are having fun. And it is no doubt true. Summer, for instance, always goes faster than Winter. Vacation days always pass much quicker than work days.
And so it is for us here at Healthmark. We are marking two significant milestones. The most significant one, of course, is that this is our 50th year in business. Seems crazy to say. It seems like just yesterday that my brothers and I were stamping literature in the basement of our house (and suffering papercuts!). Here we are 50 years later and still going. A testament to the hard work and dedication of our parents that founded the company and the many people that helped us to get to 50 years of operation - our employees, our vendors, our other business partners, and most importantly our customers! So it is with a great deal of pride that we share with you our 50 Year Anniversary Logo, which we will feature in various venues all year long.
The other milestone? This is the 500th issue of Healthmarket Digest. The first issue was almost 10 years ago, in June of 2009. I can hardly believe that. In the early days, it was Stephen Kovach and myself writing articles and Alex Kirk, our Webmaster at the time, putting the newsletter together. For the last several years, it has been Matt Smith, our Marketing Manager, and Amanda Dupure, our Graphic Designer, authoring and putting out the newsletter every week (along with Real Time News Updates as events warrant). It is their dedication, with some help from many contributors over the years, that have kept this newsletter going strong. We now have over 20,000 subscribers! Amanda in fact, has worked on a new design, premiering for the first time with this issue.
So to all our employees (past and present), to all our business partners, to all our customers and to you gentle reader, thank you for your patronage! Without you, these milestones would not have been achieved.


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