Amazing how life works. Last Wednesday, "water" played a major role in how my day turned out. I am Healthmark's voting member on the AAMI Water document (TIR34). Wednesday afternoon was the most recent meeting on this. The meeting was great, because the group voted to review the TIR and make some additions to the document. This is an excellent document that all users should have in their department because it deals with the impact that water has on the reprocessing of medical devices. The meeting got out on time, which gave me a chance to get on an earlier flight back home to Detroit. So, I was very happy we finished on time. Why was I happy? I needed an earlier flight because I had tickets to game 4 of the ALCS series with the Yankees. Could the Tigers sweep the Yankees? I had hoped that they could. I was scheduled for a later flight (arriving at 7:45pm) and might not have made the opening pitch (scheduled for 8:07pm). Thankfully it was my lucky day, I would be able to make it to the start of the game. I thought I was all set...I even made it to the game early. Unfortunately, the Tigers were in a rain delay for almost 2 hours and then the game was postponed until the next day. Water, the threat of rain, postponed the game. Ironically, it was the AAMI meeting on water that allowed me to get to the game on time. As it turned out, the Tigers did sweep the Yankees in 4 games and the Tigers are in the World Series. Even though the game was postponed, I was happy to be there the next day.


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