Last week we posted a story on PPE and the high rate of noncompliance by workers in various fields. Why are people not protecting themselves while they are working? The article talked about the many injuries that would have been prevented had the employee been following the correct procedure and wearing their PPE. This survey did not cover the healthcare field but the results made me think. I thought, does this apply to the healthcare field even though they were not part of the survey? I can say from first first hand experience, that over the years I have seen countless times people not wearing the proper PPE and not washing their hands as often as they should in a healthcare setting. I really could never understand why. It is for their own safety and their family's safety. I recently got back from my mission trip to Honduras ( and I always wore my gloves while working and used my hand sanitizers all the time. Why? I wanted to protect myself. It all comes down to personal accountability. Wearing the correct PPE is important, it is a safety reason. The article reinforced the point that we can all cut down on injuries that are associated with not wearing PPE. So if your job requires you to wear PPE, please wear it. It is for your own benefit!


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