Picture this, you're at home washing dishes in the kitchen sink and you realize you leaned up against a damp surface. You don't notice until after you're finished with the dishes and by that time it's too late, you are already soaking wet! This has happened to me time and time again as I'm sure to you as well. Now what if you are cleaning surgical instruments and use the sink everyday in the Decontamination Department? Water can soak directly through your PPE if you are leaning against a wet surface. You will not only get wet, but this can cause many hazardous risks. What type of gown should I use in the Decontam? These are challenges that were kept in mind when Healthmark's Decontamination Gowns were designed. These gowns are for use in device reprocessing areas and meet AAMI PB70 Class 4 requirements for liquid barrier performance while providing high level strikethrough resistance in the most vulnerable zone, protecting healthcare workers from soil and bioburden when cleaning items. The single-use (one person - one day) Decontamination Gowns are comprised of two materials. The upper and lower zones are manufactured of a breathable material, that is AAMI PB70 Class 4 that passes ASTM F1670 & F1671 test methods. The middle zone is manufactured of a completely liquid impervious zone that prevents strikethrough of detergent cleaning solutions, even when physically leaning against sinks or other cleaning baths. The wrap-around Decontamination Gowns (360° coverage) come with elastic wrists, thumb loops, as well as neck and waist ties long enough to tie in the front or back. Use of the Decontamination Gowns eliminates the need for wearing a plastic apron, or other secondary protection, even while providing superior protection.


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