The first time I walked into a Central Sterile Supply Department, I was about 14 years old. I was volunteering at St. Joseph's hospital with a friend. Although we became familiar with our responsibilities, we didn't know much about what was really going on within the department. We minded our own business while the busy employees had us retrieve and deliver carts and stock shelves with sterile instruments. It's been years since then, and I've been to a few other departments just recently with Steve Kovach, our Director of Education. It was interesting to walk into the various CS departments and become instantly reminded of my volunteer experience some years ago. I find it rather ironic that I wound up working within the same field, especially since it's taken until now for me to learn what it's all about. The CS Department is very important, "the heart of the hospital", as we've mentioned before. They are the "behind the scenes", without which, the rest of the hospital wouldn't be able to work correctly. I've been taught how to run tests, what each machine is meant for, and how to dress appropriately. I've sat in on an in-service reminding employees how to properly use peel pouches and I've witnessed new employees learn the basics of the TOSI. With the knowledge I have now, I realize how important it is for a CS Department to do its job, and do it well. Everyday, the well-being of hundreds of people are in the hands of those employees. A properly run CS Department means a clean and sterile hospital, which means a safe and pleasant stay for patients.


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