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The Healthmark + Avanti Decor Program is designed to help alleviate stress and bring smiles to young patients in healthcare facilities with bright colors and playful characters from the popular line of Avanti Press images, which are featured on Wall & Ceiling Decals, Single Use & Reusable Scrub Caps, and Stickers. Click here to view the Healthmark + Avanti brochure.
Designed to be used with a suitable cleaning solution, the Sterilizer Cleaning Brushes assist with the internal cleaning of autoclaves and sterilizers for which brushing of surface contamination is a recommended step in the cleaning process.
Designed as reusable, the TR09503-3 Tube Brush is 50 centimeters in length and has a brush head diameter of 0.95mm.
Lumened wire-guided dilators are used primarily in the treatment of esophageal strictures. They are available single-use or reusable. Types include Savary-Gilliard® and American Dilation System dilators. The dilators have a central channel that accommodates a guidewire. They come in various diameters, but the guidewire channel remains consistently the same size. This channel requires brushing and flushing during manual cleaning. Healthmark’s CC2-100-200 Channel Brush is available for this purpose. The nylon bristles and sturdy thermoplastic shaft allows for smooth and effective passage through this lumen.
Designed to be used in conjunction with a sterile barrier, the single use Robotic Instrument Protector Card is a backer board component that provides enhanced structural integrity of a sterile packaging solution for robotic instruments.
Designed as single use, the SU Micro & SU L Brushes assist with the cleaning of internal lumens and channels of various sizes. These are designed to facilitate cleaning performance while ensuring compatibility with the channels of cannulated items. The SU Micro & SU L Brushes are available for purchase in a package of fifty.
Energize your tired legs with our fashionable and comfortable Swanky Athletic Socks that deliver controlled pressure from ankle to calf for better blood flow throughout the lower leg.
Designed as a visual reminder for healthcare workers, the label features a seventy-two-hour elapsed time indicator adhered to an orange 8.5L x 2.5W In. self-looping hangtime label, allowing for quick and ongoing observable identification of how long it has been since an endoscope was reprocessed.
Designed for checking the water temperature and logging information of eye wash stations, the Eye Wash Temperature Check Tag assists healthcare workers with verifying that the water of their facilities’ eye wash station is within a tepid temperature range.
Designed to be placed directly on face shields, the Face Shield Decals are intended to provide healthcare professionals style while performing their important duties.