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Designed for checking the water temperature and logging information of eye wash stations, the Eye Wash Temperature Check Tag assists healthcare workers with verifying that the water of their facilities’ eye wash station is within a tepid temperature range.
Designed to be placed directly on face shields, the Face Shield Decals are intended to provide healthcare professionals style while performing their important duties.
Designed as packing material for sterilization of long devices by steam, Steriking® Self Seal Pouches for Long Medical Devices are offered in the following sizes: 31.5L x 8W In. and 34.5L x 10W In.
ProFormanceQA 2.1 is a secure online database that allows you to record key statistics for the performance of your decontamination procedures, including the test results from Healthmark’s ProFormance™ line of monitoring products.
Designed to contain and protect surgical instruments during transport, sterilization and storage. Size is 18 inches x 6.5 inches x 1.5 inches.
Healthmark’s line of Toothbrush Style Brushes are designed for cleaning surfaces of instruments. Brush head material options include nylon, stainless steel and brass.
Designed to protect osteotomes from damage during sterilization, storage, and handling.
Designed as a single-use tool, the Instrument Inspection Tips assist healthcare workers on the clean side to check if items have been effectively cleaned and are free of obstruction.
Designed to test for residual water after the drying has been completed, the Scope Dry Check is an irreversible 3.5 x 2 In. card manufactured from paper cardstock that’s placed at the distal end of the channel while air is flushed through the channel.
Designed to record the thermal disinfection temperature reached during each washer cycle, the CycleCheck® indicates whether water reached the surface of the coupon during the cycle.