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About ::Cheron Rojo::

Cheron Rojo is a CRCST, CIS, CER, CFER, CHL, and FCS (Fellow Central Service). He served on the PDRC (Professional Development Resource Committee) for HSPA in his career, and currently on the board of Directors for the CCSA (California Central Service Association) Chapter as president-elect. Mr. Rojo has 30 years in the Sterile Processing arena as a has a Sterile Processing Technician, SPD Educator, an Instrument Coordinator, and a Surgical Technologist in the Surgical realm. Mr. Rojo is currently one of the Clinical Education Specialists for Healthmark Industries and has been with the company for over four years. Mr. Rojo currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated with his BS in Communication and with a certificate in Marketing in April of 2021. Mr. Rojo will start working on his master’s in health administration in October as well. He is also currently on the AAMI working groups for ST79, ST91, TIR108, TIR99, and current co-chair for PB70. Mr. Rojo has also presented to seminars/webinars across the country and internationally for numerous organizations like; APIC, SGNA, AORN, CBSPD, and HSPA, with topics relating to communication and human relations, insulation quality testing programs, and the use of effective magnification to name a few. Mr. Rojo is a published author in the AORN Journal in the December issue in 2018 on “The Importance of Leak Testing Flexible Endoscopes “and the PROCESS magazine Jan/Feb issue in 2022 on “Inspection and Integrity Testing of Insulated Instruments: Concerns for Failure and New Guidelines for Testing.” Cheron Rojo was named the 2018 “Educator of the Year” by the Golden West Central Service Chapter. And he also received his (FCS) Fellowship through HSPA in October of 2021 on a study regarding the issues surrounding insulation testing. Mr. Rojo is a great advocate for providing education throughout the county and globally and believes “Attitude is Everything!”


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