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Upcoming Webinars

Back To Basics Part 1: Point of Use to Pack & Prep

Friday, May 29th 2PM EDT with Seth Hendee 


  • Review donning and doffing of PPE
  • Discuss the importance and impact of Point of Use Treatment
  • Review OSHA transport regulations: Endoscope specific recommendations
  • Give examples of unsafe transport conditions
  • Define bioburden and biofilm
  • Review recommendations for equipment verification
  • Discuss automated and manual cleaning


Back To Basics Part 2: Packaging to Sterilizer

Friday, June 5th 2PM EDT with Seth Hendee 


  • Define visual inspection and ways to enhance that inspection
  • Review the 2018 FDA safety communication on the dangers of monopolar lap surgery
  • Review professional society recommendations for inspecting electrosurgical devices
  • Review recommendation for proper use of various packaging methods
  • Review proper loading techniques to allow for an effective cycle
  • Discuss three critical monitors used to demonstrate Sterility Assurance


Understanding Communication & Human Relations in the Workplace

Friday, June 12th 2PM EDT with Cheron Rojo 


  • Review communication types and interpersonal styles in the workplace
  • Discuss the types of communication walls and barriers that inhibit effective communication
  • Define injustice collecting and crucial conversations and types of confrontation
  • Discuss the types of storytelling and the managing rumors


Building Quality into Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

Friday, June 19th 2PM EDT with John Whelan 


  • Review best practices for manual cleaning of flexible endoscopes
  • Review rationale and current recommendations for cleaning verification
  • Identify the levels of inspection for flexible endoscopes and options to improve inspection through use of borescope