In recognition of her long time championing of the unsung heros in Decontam, Healthmark is proud to present an active IAHCSMM technician with the third annual Anne Cofiell Decontaminator of the Year award. This award carries $500 toward attending the annual seminar. Criteria for Award:
  1. Author must be a technician who is an active member of IAHCSMM.
  2. The topic of the paper must focus on Understanding the Importance of Decontamination in their workplace environment.
  3. Previously published papers will not be considered for this award.
  4. The paper will be 1000 words or less in length.
  5. Standard format for the paper should be used sighting all references
  6. A vitae on the author will also be submitted with the paper
  7. All papers will be accepted after the annual meeting throughout the year, with March 1 as the deadline before the next annual meeting.
  8. All papers should be submitted to: IAHCSMM
  9. All papers will be judged by Anne Cofiell or her designee
  10. The winner will be informed by IAHCSMM prior to the Annual Meeting
  11. Receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged by IAHCSMM Headquarters.


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