Hi my name is Victor Rouget, I am an intern from France working this summer at Healthmark Industries and this is my story. When I arrived in Michigan on July 13th, my first big impression about Detroit was the food. It was impossible to finish my plate! I asked for a "medium" drink and what I received was bigger than a "large" back home in France. I think American people are provided with a superpower when it comes to food. I began my first day at Healthmark Industries with a full stomach. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the atmosphere and the people in the company, then, I really discovered what a great company Healthmark is. Why was Healthmark a really good company for my internship? It's not a very large company, so I can meet everyone, discover each department and how they work without feeling lost. After seeing all the different sections working together, I can say that it is well organized. I asked a lot of employees about their job in this company and many of them told me that they really enjoy it. Cohesion and enthusiasm is the recipe that seems to work. Healthmark continues to grow every year. Quality of human relationships at Healthmark affects the quality of the products. Outside the headquarters of Healthmark, I attended a product testing at a local hospital. I learned that day that the machine is not what is most important but the person who takes care of it. Healthmark's educational department provided some really good advice to people working in hospitals. The company took me to my first baseball game. It was a totally different atmosphere than a soccer match. The great thing about baseball is if the game is too long you can always grab something to eat or to drink at the park. Healthmark also took me to Cedar Point, a real shock for me. Those are some crazy roller coasters. I can't lie, I was a bit afraid. Whether I was working or out experiencing new activities, my internship was really great and I have all the people at Healthmark to thank.


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