During this time of year most of you have already started decorating for the holidays or even watched your favorite Christmas movie. One movie that I've recently watched, which isn't necessarily my holiday favorite, but never the less a good movie, is Home Alone. It's about a young boy who is accidentally left at home when his family leaves for Christmas vacation and he defends their home against thieves. One thing that is true from the movie is that home robbery is very active during the holiday season. So it is never a bad idea to lock up valuable items in a safe or some other secure place. Like home valuables, a variety of healthcare equipment also have detachable parts that are valuable, such as a flexible endoscope. When washing the detachable parts of an endoscope, it's important to keep them safe and with the parent endoscope. A good way to do this is with a product like the Valvesafe. It helps to ensure that the parts don't get lost; they remain with the parent scope and ready to use. No fumbling around in a drawer looking for those detachable parts when you need that scope.


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