Improper immediate-use steam sterilization techniques can put patients and staff at risk of infection and other serious injuries. Are you doing all you should to protect your patients and staff? Find out when you should use immediate-use steam sterilization (often referred to as flash sterilization) and what you need to do to meet rules and guidelines during ASCA's next webinar, "Rules and Best Practices for Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization." The webinar will take place next Tuesday, January 28, at 1:00 pm ET. Join me, Ray Taurasi, as I discuss: * Current AORN and AAMI immediate-use steam sterilization recommendations and guidelines * Measures to take to ensure appropriate use of immediate-use steam sterilization * Key factors to consider before using immediate-use steam sterilization * Good practices to follow in areas including proper environment, personal protective equipment and movement of sterile goods * CMS and accrediting agency expectations * Challenges associated with maintaining compliance Keep your patients and staff safe and Register today!


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