Automation is everywhere. It’s not just in the workplace and not limited to robots. Software and technologies are impacting our everyday life. They now are creating auto-piloted cars. In the years to come, automation will continue to change the way we live, work and transition as a society. One example of such technologies in the healthcare field is already here, the Terragene® Auto-Reader Incubator and Biological Indicators. It’s designed for the incubation and readout of biological indicators for steam sterilization process control; the Auto-Reader Incubator allows for rapid detection of positive and negative biological indicators for one hour at 140ºF to indicate whether a sterilization process has been completed successfully or not. The Auto-Reader Incubator has 12 positions for incubation. The dual temperature system has the option for the user to select between two different incubation temperatures of 37ºC or 60ºC. The Auto-Reader Incubator features a button to set an incubation time for half of the positions and another to select a different incubation time for the remaining positions. This allows a department to run different incubation times simultaneously. It is equipped with a readout system and a printer to record the results. In addition, the auto-reader can be connected to a computer by USB cable. This allows linking the results with the Terragene® Bionova® Traceability Software for Automatic Reading and Traceability of Biological Indicators.


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