I believe that none of us set out to win certain types of awards. The awards I'm referring to are the ones our peers vote on. They see us in our everyday activities doing what we do from the heart. Doing what's part of our make up, of who we are. AORN just announced a few awards this past week which I want to highlight. One is for mentorship. This award states, "applicant must be an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in mentorship as exhibited by a commitment to strengthen the career development and/or leadership skills of a perioperative nurse colleague(s)". If any of you have been around Rose Seavey, you know she is a mentor. Rose, is the recipient of this award. The other award is given based on leadership within AORN Special Assembly groups. I could not find the exact wording on the award but a leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which other team members can feel actively involved in their group. Judi Goldberg, the leader of the SP/MM SA group, is the deserving recipient of this award. I know I have highlighted only two of the many people that received awards this past year. I also want to give my congratulations to everybody who has won awards and say, keep showing us the way and raising the bar for us to try to reach. Education, leadership, training, and sharing our knowledge is very important in the field of healthcare. Let us all keep doing this because the bottom line is that the patient is the one who benefits. Remember, some say knowledge is power, but the real power is when we share our knowledge with others.


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