As the summer winds down <sigh>, parents are busy purchasing essential, and last minute, school supplies for their children. I am one of those parents. This year, my daughter begins kindergarten. While her school supply list was short, it was very detailed. Most notably the need for color-coded folders in all the primary colors. Each needing to be labeled with her name and its specified use. The teachers noted that they use a color-coding system in the classroom for each subject or project. This system helps them and the students stay organized. Using a color-coding system is not just a technique used in elementary school. We see this system utilized in business, manufacturing, and healthcare every day. In sterile processing departments, instrument sets can be color coded by type or carts color-coded for identifying as clean and dirty. Healthmark offers a variety of color coding products, such as our Clip-On Basket Tags. These tags allow users to differentiate instrument sets during reprocessing. Made of tough polypropylene, these reusable tags can be sterilized with steam, gas, or EtO. Colors include orange, red, blue, yellow, green, black, pink and purple for a variety of options.


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