Last week three of us were road tripping for the day. Over lunch the topic of infomercials came up. I have to admit, I am an infomercial junkie. My personal favorite are the kitchen gadget infomercials. Whether it is the Ninja, the Magic Bullet, the Nuwave Oven, or any number of others, I will watch those commercials instead of almost anything else that is on TV. My wife asks me why (often). Not sure I can really justify the complete lack of taste and culture, but one of my arguments is that during infomercials, there are no commercials! Since the advent of the DVR, I hardly ever watch a program live. Even with sporting events, I give the game a head start, and then start watching, fast forwarding through the commercials. When it comes to infomercials, I don't have to fast forward through anything, since there are no commercials! I do more than just watch infomercials. I buy some of the products. I have a Magic Bullet and use it almost everyday to make smoothies. I have a Ninja, a Nuwave Oven and Nuwave PIC, a Turbocooker and a Slap Chopper (don't buy one of those). I have had the Foodsaver for years, and probably should be hired as one of their "real people" spokespersons. I can also report that Oxyclean really works on organic stains. The first infomercial item I bought, way back in 1982, was a set of Ginsu II Knives, with the 50 year warranty. Unfortunately, many moves later, the knives have gone missing, so I will not be able to confirm their 50 year useful life.


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