I recently read that before there were clocks with moving parts, there were candle clocks that burned a set amount of hours. A candle clock was a thin candle with consistently spaced markings, usually with numbers that would indicate the passage of periods of time. If you wanted a reminder or alarm, you pushed a nail at the desired time marking in the candle and when it melted to that point, the nail would fall and clank on the metal holder to alert the person. This type of timekeeping alarm candle became very popular during the time of King Alfred the Great of England. Interesting how we have advanced in not only keeping time over the years but how we have gone from a simple nail alarm to iPhone sounds to alert us. So what does this have to do with Sterile Processing? While I was reading this fun fact, I got a call from a customer asking me about our test for cart washers. As we talked, I explained the test and how and why we developed it. I explained that it can be part of a quality process for monitoring key parameters of the cart washer. I told the customer about the candle alarm clock and stated that the alarm clock started with something as simple as a candle and a nail and we have advanced to what we have today. I mentioned that just a few years ago, we had nothing to independently monitor a cart washer's key parameters and that this test is the first to do so. So I ask you this, how are you ensuring that your cart washer is performing correctly? Click on the link below to request samples and test your cart washer. Just as the nail was used to alarm the person that a certain amount of time had passed, the CartWashCheck can be your alarm in letting you know if the cart washer is or is not working properly.


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