I remember having surgery and being surprised by the instant chill you get as you enter the operating room. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the room temperature from working in healthcare facilities, especially if you're in the OR department. Understandably, the cool temperature is ideal for surgeons and OR staff that are assisting on the case that have layers of PPE on and working for a long period of time under the hot lighting. Other staff can get uncomfortably cold, like the circulator or anesthesia staff . What do you do in those particular cases? You can't turn up the thermostat. Those that circulate in the room often go and get a warm blanket (out of the warming cabinet) and place it over their shoulders to keep warm. Not the best option but now there is another option. Heating Vests were created with this purpose in mind. With the rechargeable lithium battery and heating pads, they emit comfortable levels of selectable warmth for the wearer's torso to keep cozy for hours in all ambient conditions. They feature a soft-shell barrier fleece fabric and cinch strings at the bottom that provides complete user mobility. Make sure no matter the conditions you are in that you're prepared and comfortable with the proper PPE and accessories.


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