Almost everyone who knows me, knows that I try to be as eco-friendly as possible and that I embrace my inner tree-hugger. To that end (pun intended), I was recently at a seminar for "green burials" so that I could learn what my options were for my final impact on the earth. You may be thinking as you read this, "Aren't we trying to prevent death and infections with the Healthmark line of cleaning verification products, not prepare for them?" Stay with me and we'll get there. As the funeral director was listing out the benefits of a green burial, one of his points stuck with me. He pointed out that one of the tenets of being eco-friendly is the protection of the workers. He went on to say that the normal embalming fluid is toxic, and with a green burial, an environmentally friendly embalming fluid is used which is better for the workers and the earth. This got me to thinking about all of the people working behind the scenes at hospitals who are handling potentially hazardous items and what is being done to ensure their safety. At Healthmark, the safety of hospital personnel is a priority as evidenced by our line of personal protection equipment. From Decontam gloves to gowns with thumb loops and many items in between, Healthmark has what is needed for personal protection. And if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, check out our reusable items like Cool Aids and Arm Sleeves. Want something personalized? There are options for that too. It's always good to know your options, so explore yours today at!


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